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Gaining confidence and control of your breath is KEY to accelerating your singing (and speaking) goals!  


As your friendly neighbourhood Vocal Coach, this is what I hear ALL the time:

When you join Big Bold Breath, we’ll spend 4 days together for 10 minutes a day 

transforming how you use your breath 

 for singing (or speaking!)

"Big Bold Breath made a big difference in my singing! I'd been taught how to breathe from my diaphragm but somehow the penny dropped in this course.

I'm getting satisfying deep breaths now when I sing, and even quite often throughout my day when I'm not singing!"

Big Bold Breath Student

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"Jill’s courses are approachable and well organized, all of the steps are understandable and digestible."

"I was nervous! But Jill has a fun-loving way of making me feel comfortable. She inspired me and I’m very thankful for that."

In this transformative micro course, I help singers and speakers like you: 

By the end of Big Bold Breath you will:

Lay the groundwork for a powerful and controlled voice 

Feel your breath coming in deeper and take full, connected breaths  

Increase your confidence in breathing for singing and speaking

Build a strong understanding of how the breath works

Integrate your voice and your body to accelerate your singing goals

Transform how you use your breath in just 4 days and 10 minutes per day 

Imagine having the power to control your breath effortlessly!

Big Bold Breath 
Unleash Your Singing Potential

In just 10 minutes per day! Guided by professional vocal coach Jill Samycia @SingWithJill

What You Get

  • 4 Quick Video Lessons delivered to your inbox
  • Tiny Daily Homework Exercises
  • BONUS Singing Resource when you complete the course

Your Results

Learn how the breath works through tutorials and animations

Get the breath in deep and connect your voice and body

Understand how to use and control your breath effectively

Transform the way you use your breath for speaking or singing

Together we'll unlock the amazing power of your breath!

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